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Sad music.

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little baby ducks,

old pick-up trucks,

slow movin trains, and rain.

leaves in the wind,

pictures of my friends,

birds of the world, and squirrels.

coffee in a cup,

little fuzzy pups,

old TV shows, and snow.

honest open smiles,

kisses from a child,

tomatoes on a vine, and onions.

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my pets, my daughter and my granddaughter

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politeness. I've had people in my life that i knew were snakes in the grass and i tried to avoid them but as soon as they show some humanity and say something nice or kind, I fold.

I work with one girl now who is greedy as all get out and will not hesitate to throw me under the bus and/or lie to me to get what she wants. But once in a blue moon she'll make a simple gesture like helping me out with closing work, and it makes it difficult for me to remain aloof with her.

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Lol I am to a lot, I get watery eyed from s*** a lot of my guy friends wouldnt.

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