I'm getting married next year, and my younger brother is going to give me away and stand as a bride's maid (oh yeah, he loved that one, haha) in my wedding. He's my best friend in the entire world, and we've been through a lot together. I don't have a real father figure, and even though my brother is two years younger than me, he always stepped up and acted like that older brother every girl deserves. I love him very much, and I desperately need a song for us to dance to! Since there will be no father/daughter dance, I figured I'd have a brother/sister dance. I'm also doing a mother/daughter dance, and the song I picked for that was, "A Friend to Me" by Garth Brooks. Now, my brother hates country, so any suggestions don't have to be based off of the Garth Brooks song, haha! Any and all help is much appreciated! :)
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dueling banjos

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Hero- mariah carey

whenever you remember- mariah carey

ill stand by you- pretenders

my wish- rascal flatts

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Oh, when I read the question I thought it was like a "southern brother/sister" wedding. I was going to say "anything by Georgia Satellites" but now that I read it I will say anything by Donnie and Marie would work.

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You've Got a Friend-James Taylor

I'll Stand by You - Pretenders

Wind Beneath My Wings - Bette Midler (a little overdone)

You and Me Against the World - Helen Reddy (cut out the Mommy parts in the beginning and end)

These are all pretty sappy but you might like one


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Sometime you cant make it on your own - U2

There is a light that never goes out - The Smiths

Just the way you are - Billy Joel

Waiting on a Friend - The Rolling Stones

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"In My Life" by the Beatles. The lyrics are a warm sentiment that don't come across icky.

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If you happen to be from Southern USA, I would suggest "Dueling Banjos."

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