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I have a client threatening me for a paypal refund of $300 even though I have completed all the artwork for him, and he currently is holding all of the artwork I have done. He is basically keeping all of it, and I don't want to be ripped off for work I have already completed. What should I do? I heard paypal doesn't care about artists.
Roskaera Roskaera 18-21, F 6 Answers Jul 4 in Hobbies

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What a mess. When paypal is involved, you are at their mercy. A brokerage that takes bids with credit cards like those that tutor people may work better for you.<br />
You set up an account, the client bids, you accept if you want, and if you do, you get paid no matter what.<br />
Good luck!

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there must be some kind of refund policy or something. he can't hold the artwork and ask for a refund or idk depending on the industry and policies

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My policy says there will be no refunds for art that is completed/started. I'm scared paypal will let him win because this happens to artists sometimes to people who rip them off

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you can always stick to the policy argument. whenever he says anything. tell him the policy is this, i can't do anything sorry.

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He's telling me:
"As I said, I am not able to use the images since, owing to your TOU I must provide references and links back to your work, essentially acting as an endorsement, which I am not willing to do at this point. With how our working relationship ended."

"Having spoke to PayPal they have already told me that due to the way that our working relationship ended, I do not have to honour that aspect of our agreement that says I would need to provide back linking and therefore would be entitled to pursue, and from
what that representative told me, receive a refund. "

I'm so scared T_T

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hmm i honestly don't know a lot. this sounds complicated to understand. try talking to someone you work with. they might be more familiar with those type of things. don't be scared. tell me what happens with you.

good luck

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What does your Business Plan say?

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Pimp slap that punk

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why he want to have his money back and send him the the email art work once sold never will be taken back

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Because he's a jackass I dropped because he kept harassing me even though I was getting surgery to remove a tumor.
I dropped him, and now he wants all his money back even though I refunded him the money he had left.

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