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i was sitting on the couch in my room because my sister fell asleep in my bed and her waterbed makes me feel sick and then all of a sudden i was in my old house where my dad used to i guess semi abuse me. and the whole time i was talking to myself saying stuff like "what the f-uck? this is my old room. This isnt real. Whats going on. Wheres Quinn?" And then my "dad" as in i was imagining it bursted in the door and was like "guess who? is quiet little Landon playing with his trains?" idk why i imagined him saying that... i used to play with my trains. and then he was like "teachers think your so dumb but i think you just think your so f-ucking smart you cant talk because your too smart for us right?" i had this selective mutism thing as a kid and my dad was like 22 when this was all happening and i guess he didnt understand. And then I was like "Your not my dad this isnt real" and i repeated it a bunch of times but he kept saying "yes i am yes i am" i dont want to talk about the rest.
ZacS9 ZacS9 16-17, M Jun 6, 2014 in Community

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