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A guy I left randomly text me ''I miss you'' I say ''Don't lie to me anymore you don't care about me'' But the things he do shows he cares he just never said it. Then he doesn't reply...does it mean he is hurt I think that? Or he just really don't care? I dream about him everynight and want to text him and talk to him about this...should I?
Aniohevetotha Aniohevetotha 18-21, F 3 Answers Jan 29, 2011

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Texting you is caring, even if a little. If you'd replied to me the way you did to him I might be hurt, too. How much do YOU care? Dreaming usually means you care a lot and should maybe text him a "hi" to break the ice. You'll soon know whether he cares if he forgives you. And stand against some things he does if they bother you!

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If this is important to you then a talk face to face is in order. Who knows what else is going on around him when he's texting you and it may explain why he didn't respond to your text.

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