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I was selected in a company where I always wanted to work through campus placements.But the Company has been testing my patience for the past 2 months, reasons for such delay still unanswered. I finally received a confirmation Call from them regarding my joining, last week. Today was my first day at work and everything was going smooth until my cousin, who is an HR manager there stepped in to inform me that my joining has been postponed to next week now. not sure but I think he is somewhere involved in this. My cousin is real jealous of me and would put his head and heels together to find ways to make me stay away from that organization. Even if I get into that organization, he will not let me survive there. But if I quit now he will be the happiest, and I will regret, missing this opportunity, for lifetime.No other such good companies in my city. Also, if I join there I have to prepared for the worst then. what should I do??
tani17 tani17 22-25, F 5 Answers Jul 23, 2012

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Stay in, maybe find a way to file a complaint against your cousin for intentionally obstructing the process. You would need proof though.

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Well, thanks for the advice... This is my first job and I am unaware of the politics at work. but will try my level best.

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Don't let your cousin make your decisions for you! Take the job if you really want and, somehow, 'survive' despite the a-hole. Remember, he's not the only one with power. You'll have it too. Deviously or otherwise, fight the guy.

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