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Ah, a math question! I knew all those years of algebra would one day pay off!

A lemon (l) is .50 (l=50)

An apple (a) is .30 (a=30)

An pear (p) is .40 (p=40)

The Chicken Ranch charges by the hour {or per 60 minutes} (cr/60m)

So (l+a+p=120)*cr/60

Thusly, lap(cr)=120 over cash in wallet (which is about $20.00)

Thusly a lap dance at the Chicken Ranch is $60.00 (3x more than I have)

A lap (lap) dance lasts only 5 minutes (5m)

So 5m*60m=300m

Therefore an hour at the Chicken Ranch is $300.00

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i don't know about the chicken ranch, but how much for a fruit salad?

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So you aren't going to tell us the correct answer?

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