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Wow Nice! ^^

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I made it a long time ago. I also compose my own songs, but I haven't really uploaded them to YouTube. I didn't want to link them because people might think the site I upload them to is sketchy xD

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Haha. I wouldn't mind hearing any others you have. ^^

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This one is terrible and has no instrument track: I gave up on it.

My computer crashed so I never got to finish this one:

I forgot how this one goes:

One of my oldest happens to be one of my best:

A song that I don't like the sound of (but will redo from a different approach) that converts the first few digits of Euler's Number to keys on the minor scale (0 is a rest and 9 is one note above one octave above the key).

A creepy tune:

A terrible song:

A terrible attempt at a trance version of the Moonlight Sonata

I don't know what this is:

Don't know what this is either. Supposedly my first trance attempt:



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