I dont get this. What was the prophet meaning when she said this.
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To me it sounds like the story the were talking about in the movie "The blind side". The war cheif or something was wrong in his orders and all fo his soldiers knew it and knew they were all going to die but the followed his instructions anyways becuase it was the respectful and honorable thing to do.

Maybe he was suggesting to listen to everyone and form his own opinion.

Or maybe the person was easedropping a conversation between the prophet and his family and the person wasnt even in the conversation.

So many possibilities.

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i believe she means that if this person doesnt believe in what they are saying then why are they going to try and dissuade someone who does ... since it would infringe on their personal beliefs and thus lead them astray from their holy path ... i think not sure ... still hazy on the whole religion thing

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Sounds like you're trying to understand religious stuff. Forget it. Religion is not based on anything remotely rational or logical. Best not to try and understand it and best of all not to believe in it.

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