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Am not one of them by the way but from those I know, its because they*men* are rich and they are about to kick a bucket leaving them *women* rich as ever hhmmmm

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it looks pretty much all bad to me: saggy balls (& the rest of him), no hair, liver spots, bed by 8pm, having to mash up his food for him & change his incontinence bags...

the only good thing: he won't be around for much longer.

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What's good is they try hard to please sexually, what's bad is the one I was with wanted a "daughter" somebody they want to mold into their perfect woman.

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It can work at first but when he gets around 50-60 a pot belly and grey and u still wanting to party etc he kind of is looking forward to retireing and doing as little as possible and going to be around 8pm. Not all men but it does happen as even a few yrs difference makes a huge difference.

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young men are like a massive mindless flaming chemical spill of testosterone, burning anything that gets in the way

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I am 36 just married to 63 with prenup keeping all property seperate, including his retirement benefits. Positives (succinctly stated as I am short on time):

1. More time to spend together. He is not absorbed in work as he was 30 years ago.

2. I reap the benefits of his learning about women for 60 years, physically, emotionally, communicatively, etc.

3. He is most patient

4. I don't have to worry about blending my teenage children into a second family with other children at home.

5. He is very clearly ok with their father being their only father, as opposed to wanting or expecting them to accept him as a father figure.

6. We are very sexually compatible- he enjoys foreplay and emotionally connecting more now than he did @ my age, but he still has a lot of fire in the furnass. Plus he is quite skilled :)

7. Prenup was my idea (before we found each other). Having seriously dated several men since my divorce 10 years prior, I found him to be the most open minded about a prenup. Not necessarily an age thing, but with retirement looming, he understands my need to protect my assets for my children.

Many more benefits, but I'm out of time. Bottom line is, he is not Mr.Perfect, but he is perfect for me.

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