I have a few ideas rolling round my head but I'm not sure it would be interesting to others
Cocolily Cocolily 18-21, F 4 Answers Oct 10, 2012 in Writings

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Sounds like an awesome idea to me...

Do it :)

Hi btw :)

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I will try ! Just beig a retard with words at the moment :/
Hi back .. When did you come online ?! I can't see people who are online ! Grrrrkdkxvodlx

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Had to read your question twice. I thought you wrote SHEEP paralysis. I was really wondering when that became an issue.

But back to the real topic -- you could have a good time writing a story about sleep paralysis. You might try finding an old Dennis Quaid movie called Dreamscape, too.

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Haha, sheep paralysis . That's how the worlds going to end !
Is it the same concept ? I know what I want to do I just hope there's nothing out there exactly the same !

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I'm interested to hear

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