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There paid, racist, Republican Obama-Haters crack me up...They really do.....I wish the Democrats had the kind of money that the Republicans have in their "slush funds" like Crossroads GPX, and Americans For Prosperity; and I wish the Democrats had 25 or 30 billionaires like the Koch Brothers, Kenneth Adelman, Rupert Murdoch & MANY others......But, alas, the democrats have only George Soros and one or two other billionaires; so they can't afford to pay trolls to lie about President Obama.........What is needed is campaign finance reform, so that there are restrictions on the amount of money billionaires can donate, which is something John McCain USED to be for, but now is against (Google "McCain-Feingold Campaign Reform Act").....So, thanks to the GOP, we now truly have "the best government money can buy".......IF YOU WERE PRESIDENT OF THE US, WOULD YOU HAVE DONE BETTER THAN OBAMA?....probably not.
goodogstay goodogstay 46-50, M 2 Answers Apr 24, 2014 in Politics

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"Talk's cheap; it takes money to buy beer." <br />
And then, when you call them out on their racism, they can always point to that ONE minority person who is a "good guy" because he laughs along with their crypto-racist jokes and doesn't "get all offended and emotional" about the treatment.

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Since Hillary will be President after 2016, between now and 2020 at least three of the SC justices will retire, two of them GOP appointments. After that, all of this craziness is overturned.

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