If any of the elements are missing such as Power in the male, what is the concession he makes in selecting his potential female love interest. Yes there are so many facets but these are big ones for the disciminating single person. I'm just looking for some food for thought. Say anything. Go on and rap about what you think. Maybe I'm completely off on these three tandems and I want to know what people say who aren't worried about putting up false presentations.
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I dunno....I don't think a refined guy is for me at all. And I don't really care about the power and wealth. Having enough money to be comfortable is a bonus, but that has never been what I looked at first. Most powerful men make me sick to my stomache, too. They are just way too arrogant for me.

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They say that the women who go for the men who achieve power are "alpha females" but I think that might be an erroroneous way of describing it. I have some minor exposure to women of this type and I don't find them alpha by my description of the word. Alpha to me means above reproach. Men in power fall far short of my standard of measure. Dominant would be my description of the people in power positions. It must be an addictive thing that comes with popularity. Thanks.

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I'm curious as to why you put some things in capitals and other not. All the descriptives of the female are in lower case, but all the descriptives of the male begin with capitals. Why so?

About the topic at hand, 'refining, power, wealth, face, figure' are all not overly important if important at all, to a genuine woman or man. A great personality is about the one important thing listed.

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A very detailed analysis of my selected way of writing out the question. And it is provocative I agree. Nobody ever gets true insight without taking a small risk. I doubt that anyone who is thinking as well as you could overlook the obvious or skim over the question due to placing unwarranted emphasis on such an innocuous thing as caps placement. And if you had... my the insights I recieved from you would be as biased as the way I appeared to have framed the question. One might assume I am using diminuitive methodology to make inferrences, but that wouldn't help me much then. Would it? In all honesty I actually meant not to cap and meant to cap two of those terms so there are also some error there I made in my rush to get it out there quickly. And there was another reason I was in a rush. That's okay though. I can overlook these errors as easily as you can. And I hope you will.

I trust your answer was complete. Still though I wonder if by oversimplifying maybe the durability of a partnership might start to develope fissures in the mortar that bond two people together. Well...thank's so much for your input dear one. It was more than my pleasure to explain myself to you. :)

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