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yes I am...................:)

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Brilliant True Story Angel Encounters Today! The 35 Best BOOKS:-

(1)‘Angels’By Hope Price.

(2)’Angels’By Billy Graham.

(3)’Where Miracles Happen’ By Joan W. Anderson.

(4)‘Where Angels Walk’ By J.Anderson.

(5)’Angels & Devils’ By J.Cruz.

(6)’Angels(& Demons)’ By P.J.Kreeft.

(7)'Angels Among Us'By Ron Rhodes.

(8)‘Angels &Their Mission’By J.Danielou.

(9)’The Angels:The Catholic Teaching’By Fr.P.Parente.

(10)‘Angels’By J.Woolmer.

(11)‘Angels:Elect &Evil,Revised’ By C.F. Dickason.

(12)’Seeing Angels’By E.HeathcoteJames.

(13)’God Stories:Inspiring Encounters’By J. Skiff- a CNN Journalist

(14)’Guardian Angels’ BY J.Anderson.

(15) ’A Study of Angels’By Dr.E.Myers.

(16)’Extraordinary Miracles in the Lives of Ordinary People’ByTherese Marszalek.(17)’Miracles Still Happen’By S.Stone.

(18)’Christian Miracles’By J.S.Bell.

(19)’When Heaven Invades Earth’By B.Johnson.

(20)’Seeing the Unseen’By J.Beam.

(21)’Angels on Assignment’By B.Roland.

(22)’Angels:Who They Are & How They Help’By Dr. D.Jeremiah.

(23)’Angels On Assignment’By P.Stone.

(24)’Psalm 91:Real-Life Stories of God's Shield’By P.Ruth.

(25)’Saved By Angels’By B.V.Natta.

(26)‘90 Minutes in Heaven’By D.Piper.

(27)’A Message From God’By A.McPherson.

(28)’The Boy who came back from Heaven’By K.Malarke.

(29)‘Heaven is for Real’By T.Burpo.

(30)’Visions Beyond The Veil’By H.A.Baker.

(31)’On the side of the Angels’By Harold Begbie about Mons Angels.

(32)’ EFT Miracles & Angels’By Dr.V.Pearce.

(33)’Angels All Around Us’By A.DeStefano.

(34)’Touched by a Miracle: More True Stories….’ By N.Ladner-Bischoff.

(35)’An Angel's Touch’By Nathalie Ladner-Bischoff.

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Yes and onec in a while you may meet them

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Yes, they are very real..."Be careful how you treat strangers because many times we have entertained angels unaware." Hebrews 13:2

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My name isn't ANGEL Trey for nothing

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Any man in the street...any woman who meets the need.When you ask there is always an answer but it is your choice (and has always been) to heed

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I'm not sure, I made a snow angel once... she was HOT!

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Yes they are. I know one.

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No u know 2

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Neither are ghosts.

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they actually are real

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I believe they are

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yes i believe they are :-)

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but they don't look like handsome people with wings

respect, from robbie

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