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Highest ideal dwelling place God makes for pure souls.

Best physical abodes on earth cannot be compared to it.

Greatest satisfaction of man here is nothing there.

Brightest glory of this world is darkness before it.

Most beautiful dreams fade away before its reality.

We can enjoy a little bit of its attraction when we have

a perfect healthy life, physically, mentally and spiritually.

God has given us divine and abundant directives to

this healthy life in His Holy Books.

See how each true believer will tell about the beauty of heaven.

Heaven made by man will fall; heavens of God will exist


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Imagine every awesome explosion, inspiring moment, beautiful visage, wonderful person, all that is good and great and impressive in the world and in life, and multiply that by infinity, and you will reach the beauty and power and magnificence of God. Heaven is just getting to gaze upon and be with someone that amazing, that you can spend all of eternity by his side in awe of him, because that feeling of awe and wonder will never wear off. The privilege and wonder of getting to see the world in all its diversity and beauty and power can last you a lifetime, getting to know God is infinitely better, and can last you for all eternity, why would Heaven need anything else?

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Heaven is an imaginary place that was invented to compensate for the misery most people experience in their lives. It was invented in an era when the ruling class was imposing all that misery on the working class and they were afraid that the working class will overthrow them if they do not believe in much better days ahead. In our time, the working class are no longer a threat because the additional invention of the so called "american dream", that contaminated people's minds around the globe quickly. The concept of Heaven became secondary and nostalgic after this an idea for the sentimental to cherish in their heart. Bless you all.

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Thank you.

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For me it is a stairway to nothing

Maybe you remember that old lemmings game where you could make them build a bridge by stacking blocks like a stair....and when life/resources ran out *poof, down they go* and the rest just keep chasing the same first guy over said edge......I find that a proper visual example of what I think heaven as a concept is.

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Peacefulness, in its essence. All the cares I have are gone replaced with contentment and with the knowledge of all those I have known have the same. (oh yeah with lots of kick *** music in the background!)

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heaven is when we are good to others

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sitting back while Jesus packs my bong....

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true love from my girl

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