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poeticheart poeticheart 36-40, F 3 Answers Sep 3, 2010

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All day long, such words are written<br />
By people far and wide<br />
Everywhere you hear them<br />
And they mean nothing when you look at their lives<br />
Everybody wants to write<br />
But few write from the heart<br />
Melodramatic cliched phrases<br />
Fill their notebook pages<br />
Here is what I have to say<br />
Don't hear the words<br />
Know their meaning<br />
See the tiny worlds hidden in each word<br />
Expand beyond the limits of your present mind<br />
There's inspiration for you to find<br />
When you are genuine

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Even when one is genuine<br /><br />
Truth may not be seen<br /><br />
For even in those with truest thoughts<br /><br />
Purity love by means<br /><br />
Holding out your heart and soul<br /><br />
For only some to see<br /><br />
That Even with real intention<br /><br />
some may find misconseption

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Only in my life can I find the source of this troubling power of need. but do you have the answer to the quest that i seek!!,

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