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xxclusivelexxie09 xxclusivelexxie09 18-21 4 Answers Dec 11, 2011

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Well, they say that in the army, the boots are mighty fine.<br />
I asked for a size seven - they gave me 29.<br />
<br />
They say that in the army, the tea is mighty fine.<br />
It looks like dirty water and tastes like turpentine...<br />
<br />
They say that at the Army , the porridge is mighty fine<br />
You save a little extra and give your shoes a shine!<br />
<br />
They say that in the army, the tents are waterproof.<br />
When you wake up in the morning, you're swimming on the roof...<br />
<br />
Oh, how I love this army life!!!<br />
...Gee, ma, I wanna go<br />
Back to Ontario...

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I think that the area of the air force or army would hold answers more to your question I had a cousin in both of them

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