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Hi AwakingDreamWalker

IMHO misunderstood. I do not agree that the chances of being visited are small. I think we are a most interesting planet and species. I think the chances of us understanding that a visit was even happening are small though. Humans do not yet seem to be capable of the most basic things such as not eating other animals, killing each other in wars and destroying the Planet as a place to live. I suspect any alien visitor would tip toe away in embarrassment.


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Aliens *from* outer space - do not exist.

(Just to be exhaustive, aliens from inner space also do not exist).

Aliens *in* outer space - do exist.

The chances of visitation are vanishingly small. The chances of existence, ginormously huge.

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we're alien , every one of us , though not from outer space.

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Misunderstood by the GP.

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