Was having a deep descussion with a friend of mine about this, if this is true why then is there so much hate towards the black person? are white people afraid to admit the truth? btw way i include myself cause i am white but it's interesting to even try to grasp the concept of this, and begs the question did the slave masters and fore fathers before them really know the truth but had to find a way to eliminate the "TRUTH"I have always wondered why one race is scorned, and mocked, soley because of the color of their skin, or the thickness of their lips (which i think black people are beautiful) but why is one race put under the spotlight in such a negative way if they are the origanal people to walk the earth even before white people.Please do not be offended i love to learn, and debate, maybe you can shed some light on this thank you.
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For once a breath of fresh air here on EP, it's people like you lady who makes me come to this place and to answer your question:

I belive that all man originated from Africa which was probably called something else but the name was changed, little do we know that black people were here far longer than some care to admit, and i cannot say for sure just how long but reaserch back ro ancient Egypt there is too much evidence found that proves and supports this, in my book i would say there could be a possibility of this being true, and you ask the question WHY are black people so ridiculed, i can only say when there is a stronge power a stronger power will try anything to bring that down if seen as a threat in any kind of way, ever heard of the phrase Veni Vidi Vici i came i saw i conquered, and to answer your question European features are considered the most beautiful, i believe that again beauty is within a person, i have met many black women who do not fit the ghetto attitude stereotype as many believe but who carry themselves in the most graceful and beautiful way possible, but Eurocentric opinions/features will be the dominant voice because we are conditioned to believe it, i'm white and when i see beauty it can come in all hues .

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First of all thank you, but thats not why i'm here to please anyone but to learn and debate.

Your answer was one of the ones that actually took into consideration of "what if" it shows your mind is open and not closed off by any predudices you may or may not have which are the basis and quality mankind needs to ever move forward, and yes i agree with you that beauty comes in all colors.

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interesting but i think that the ideas based upon black and white are always going to be wrong based upon the idea of equality, if the black people were the first here then surely they are not equal to any other race, how can they be if everybody else is a derivative of them ...? does this also explain why no race is darker than they ?? what alot of people dont know today is the real reason the black race is held down, and I will tell you do your research and maybe if you are scientific enough and do not base opinion on bias you will see, the black race is the object of scourn by the middle and upperclass societies of europe because as we agreed they are the father and mother of human beings but what you dont know is they are also the father and mother of Language, Art, Math, and all sciences worldwide, HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE I HEAR YOU ASK, only the educated and scholarly are aware that ethiopia and egypt were not only the forerunners in science, magic, and all the arts of the Old world but they were at a time when the world was made up of only asians and africans, the european races have tried so hard to hide this fact not only because they want to claim themselves as the rulers owners and leaders of the world

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but also because they know as others dont that if these people were the first and you owe all your science and religion language and art to them that also explains that God didnt create europeans at all but that they derived from the race of africans you see today therefore they are your ancestors and your gods, and because the european community has "chosen" to disbelieve this fact or ignore it they are what is written in the "BIBLE" as the "Devil" the fallen, one who denies Truth, and becuase this "IS" the truth they hold the race of africans down and fool the world in believing that afircans (blacks) are useless. Aa a european i would ask myself one question... This being the truth and the world being as real as i can quantify real, if this "IS" then surely the day of judgement is too???? and what have "I" just me not my race but "me" what have i done to show the real forces behind the world i live in that this is not my view towards those who you created first ..? "Beauty" is a eurocentric Idea fed by the media and the other mind control machines to keep people under illusions nothing ever benefitted from being beautiful, however it does hell to keep "Women" in a state of submission as women are the most susceptable to feelings therefore unable to think outside of the comfort zone. POWER again is another eurocentric IDEA formed to feed the rule and EGo's of men, africans lived in a world where they had very few enemies so if the devil arrives and has an idea of power then surely thats just th idea of evil and not of power.

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This is actually interesting, everything goes back to Africa i can only say that there is evidence most white people have black ancestors which lets be truthful here they would much rather dismiss as being true, that is where the term "Are you whiter than white" comes in to play, and dates back from slavery days, i just think variety adds spice to life, and if your a good human being i don't care what colour you are thats fine by me.

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I really believe that the very first humans came from africa...of if not, the first human civilizations did. But then again this is based on the records and archeology we have and so perhaps the other races arose at the same time, but there was no record. Language and writing did not always exist. When I say this keep in mind that the world was differently shaped once where Egypt, the middle east, and asia were a little closer together.

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Elijah Muhammad taught that the entire world was once called Asia before the white man came along and began renaming everything and mis-classifying everyone else. Thus Asiatic simply means man that belongs to the earth, which the original man in fact does. In this sense, Asiatic has nothing to do with any other nationalities or races. Since the melaninated man and woman was here first before all others, they are not only the mothers and fathers of humanity, but Asiatic as well.

As for why black people have been so hated among the races, the reason is simple. The black man has the highest melanin content of all the races in the world, something that caucasians have little of, which is why they are so pale. It's not normal to be pale. Nature created man in a sub equatorial region and man needing melanin to protect himself from the ultra violet rays of the sun could not have survived without this melanin, which gives a man his pigmentation. For this reason, the first woman and man were indeed black or Moorish.

White people know this but they are afraid to admit it. If white people stay out in the sun too long, they develop all types of skin cancers and melanoma, which is unnatural. Blacks or Moors, because we are protected by our melanin from the ultra violet rays of the sun, can bask, bathe, and relax in the sun while Caucasians must use sun screen and sun blocker because they are a genetically abnormal race of people. One race is dominant while the other is very recessive. The recessive can't produce the dominant, but the dominant can produce the recessive. When you are looking at a caucasian human, what you are really looking at is an irregular genetic mutation deficiency. There's no such thing as black and white. One race has a high degree of melanin and the other race does not. As a matter of fact, all races have this melanin content with the exception of the pale recessive race.

Their racism is more about their own genetic survival than anything else. If you have a black man mating with a white woman or vice versa, that offspring will be black as in the case of President Barack Obama and song artist Alicia Keys, both of whom have a white mother.

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Very steamy discussion!

To answer your question, ....................... until we find the missing link, we will never really know! LOL!

But does it really matter?

I dont think it has anything to do as to why black people are treated severely.


When you asked if it was true, and followed it with questions, you are showing that you are indeed associating that statement as to why there is so much anger directed towards them. My answer to this... there is no association.

how far must one dig deep to know his origin for one to fully accept who they really are?

What has the missing link got to do with my weakest link? LOL! Enlighten me.


Clearly you are ignoring points i made. How far must one go? Will our world be less messed up when we find the missing link? Then everyone must help in finding it. LOL!

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I didn't say it was the reason black people were i ask could it be...... i know many say does it really matter?...but you must know where you come from in order to better understand yourself and othersm if one cannot accept themselves and know who and where they came from then don't expect them to understand or even fully accept anyone else, .... exactly the missing link one is only as strong as your weakest link...and doesn't it make sense to know or find out what that is.i guess it's more important to some than others that's why we live in a messed up world.I believe you are the one missing the ppint but i get it that you rather vent than answer in orderly fashion, i guess you have an axe to grind and can truly understand how speaking up for a black person rubs you up the wrong way but you have had your five minutes of rant, and i'm done with trying to reason with the clearly assume way too much how can you assume what i'm thinking /meant when you clearly do not understand the question i was not making any associations but you sure are, quit it.

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I have heard in theory the Asian people do not decent from the African Homo Erectus

But decent from a different type of prime ape called Homo superior which was smaller build than the Erectus but had larger scull due to it's enormous brain and at some point of time 20.000 to a 15.000 years ago the two met and interbreeded and became what we know commonly accepts as Homo sapien well but this might also just be fascist propaganda but still makes allot more sense than other crap i've heard so far

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lol i thought everyone knew this already???

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Kids! But,I was here first. No,I was here first. No,I was. No,I was here first,and it's mine. No, it's mine and you can't have it.. MOMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

What does it really matter who,or what was here first, we are here,shouldn't we just make the best of it?

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Hi Hazel,

There is one race: The human race. Everything else is just surface details.

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I am a little confused, If all mankind derive from asianic man then the original man would have been Asian. Not Black or White. So it is false. maybe that is way there are so many Chinese.

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Blacks are the first people, prove it!

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