Post lol Kandis little feet are a real ticklers dream. So small and ticklish. This one starts off with two girls tickling and is then turned into four girls tickling nice clip specially when they all tickle her tummy HE HE HE!!!! this is good Her belly is just too ticklish. I love all these clips. I am a real tickle fan and love to tickle women. The best tickling is done when you are stretched out topless arms tied above your head. I can then have good access to your pits ribs and tummy. I do tickle feet too especially small feet as they seem to be more sensitive. Hope your ready to laugh girls cos i am merciless when I tickle.
VERYTICKLISHGUY VERYTICKLISHGUY 36-40, M 1 Answer Dec 25, 2013 in Intimacy

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Weird ****.

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