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MY friend and I usually make dirty jokes, and talk about mature topics. My friends parents unfortunately found out about our dirty jokes, ( because my friend let it slip), and became extremely disappointed, that threatened to end our friendship, but it did not. But, now we are in trouble again because my friend cannot lie or hide anything, and let it slip that she watches p-o-r-n. So her parents blamed me, she also blamed me for what she did and now she wants me , and her to change. I don't want to change because in my eyes watching p-o-r-n or discreetly making dirty jokes is not a sin, but to her it is. WHAT SHALL I DO?
uglybitch734 uglybitch734 16-17 1 Answer Feb 11, 2013 in Community

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I would suggest that you watch it even more discreetly now, meaning by yourself. If you do not feel the need to change then don't.<br />
If your friend wishes to change then they will. You can still be friends as long as you both respect the new boundaries that will be set in these changes.<br />
<br />
Hope this helps best of luck

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