My boyfriend told me today that he's kind of bi (not sure what's up with the "kind of"). Almost immediately after, one of our guy friends started flirting with him, and I think he may like him; it seemed like it. But... he knows I'm bi and trusts me, so am I wrong for not doing the same? >_<'''
GoldButterfly GoldButterfly 18-21, F 3 Answers Dec 3, 2013 in Struggles

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"kind of" means he is (just a little uncomfortable with it) could be he's gay too, but not ok with saying that yet. .. How you define the relationship is up to you both.

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Ah. I wonder if that's it. Thanks for answering. -_-'

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sure thing :)

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Sounds like you're jealous.

Not all of those modern words you used.

Just plain being yourself.

Good for you!

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I never denied being jealous. I was just trying to make the question title interesting. ;p

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