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By the way, I just turned 13. My best friend is not to open about bi and that stuff. My friend told me that she had a strange dream that I was a GUY and my bestie was a princess. I saved her from a tower and we got married. I was thinking to myself I wonder what she'll say to her.... Sadly... this was her response, (Oh and my name is Kayla, and the person who told my best friend that is named paige) "No offence Kayla, but PAIGE THAT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN!" I laughed along with them, but inside my head I was a bit crushed. I just can't dismiss these feelings! I've tried but they just won't go away! She's just so sweet, sincere, and stunning that I just CAN'T stop wishing that she'd like me like that! there's also a new guy in our class who I like too! I'm so confused! What can I do to help these feelings with out loosing friendship?
frenchbulldoglover frenchbulldoglover 13-15, F 2 Answers Feb 25, 2012

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Go for it i like both man and woman. speical u honry.

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