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Start by taking quizzes on depression. Answer each one honestly and they'll give you an idea of where they think you stand (that's one thing I found as I realized my battle)

Are you fighting the following:

- sadness

- irritability

- loneliness

- not feeling as good about activities as you should

- thoughts of worthlessness, hopelessness, guilt

The above are all symptoms of my depression...

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If you stay more than 4 hours in a row on EP that means you are.

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Do you cry a lot, and sleep a lot? Go through a lot of mood swings? Thats how I found out if I was depressed.

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The entire country is going through a depression! Why would you be singled out. Oh, and too many just want to call this depression a recession - but don't believe them 5+ years of high unemployment and little recovery in sight... Big old time corporations filing bankruptcy... The only reason we are missing those long food lines in the middle the street like in the 30's is that we have programs in place to take their place.

So - it not just you....

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If you are you will know

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I did

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