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I'm in this relationship, with this girl who is my recent ex's (i consider) ex-best friend. We've been going out for the past 5 days until two month mark, and I've stayed up late at night, listening to music that reminded me of her, or freaking out about something. After hanging out at her house, I come home feeling happy- for a while that is. Until I am reminded of what a crap place I live in. (we both still live with our parents, about to hit college though). She's actually out of state right now, and she probably won't be back until monday.. Every time that I am sad or near depressed, I think of her and I snap right out of it, and I wonder- Is this a problem? Should my mental "Liz" have that much power over how I feel? There are a thousand other details, such as me not being a virgin, credit going to her friend. We didn't tell her, causing her to be hurt (I swore it to be the only time I'd hurt her), and stuff bout religion, but I do wonder.. Its 630, and I haven't slept =.=
norcirea norcirea 18-21 8 Answers Aug 15, 2009

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Just a bit...yes.

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Love...makes you the weirdest of things. I've been with my girlfriend for the past four years and I can tell you from you do weird things. When they're not around, you worry about them. So early into the relationship it's natural to want to be reminded of them most of the time. Despite my love living 30 miles away at the moment pursuing her dreams in college, I don't have to think of her every moment of the day. But that was something I did earlier in the relationship.<br />
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Don't worry. It doesn't sound like you're obsessive. It sounds like your care for her. Other than that...the only true and obvious way to tell that you are is if you keep something of her person with you at all a lock of hair that you have to stroke to keep calm.<br />
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That...that IS obsessive, but more defined. Love in it's own little way is sort of like obsession. You focus in on that one thing, that one person.

Best Answer not yet but you are close.

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Me too. Winner takes all! lol jk

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