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I'm on my phone (not iPhone so no app), and I used to be able to go from a question, back to the homepage with a link. Now there's none and it's so much more difficult to get there. Ugh I hate these new changes...
itsallaparadox itsallaparadox 26-30, M 2 Answers Jan 30, 2014 in Hobbies

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You're not the only one who's wondered about this. EP has been tampered with quite a lot recently, and not for the better, in my opinion. EP isn't the site it once was. I visit this site using my iPhone, and you can't go even one page change without some advert invading the screen. The advanced editor has been removed in the story writing screen, which massively hinders any attempt at writing seriously. Even the edit function was binned! I mean, COME ON EP! Whoever supervised all these alterations has seriously dropped the ball. I can only see me frequenting this site less and less because of all this. Am I missing some point here, or does anyone agree with this?

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