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I am not much of a shopper nor have I ever been, but I have noticed the price increases. I responded by halting all unnecessary purchases. You would be surprised at the number of things you can repair or fix. For example I have a $129 Zen alarm clock that I bought for $8. All I had to do was open it up and solder a wire back in place. Welcome to the 21st Century.

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At the grocery stores and even Walmart, it seems the prices increase weekly.....

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I enjoy shopping sometimes.

Prices have gone up for sure .. that's why I'm more careful about waiting for sales and using coupons. That really makes a difference.

You can control how much you spend .. it takes some creativity .. but is almost fun when you see you've beat the "system" a bit.

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I never found shopping fun. Maybe you just need to earn more money or find a man who earns more to keep you in the life you've become accustomed! ;p

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