I have been into wearing girls one piece bathingsuits ever sice I was a child of about 10. My younger sister would have friends sleep over and I would snag there bathingsuit and wear it under my clothes. They make me feel so safe and secure. They hold everything in place and I like the colorfull designes on me. Why is it that men only get shorts/speedos and girls get pretty bathingsuits that cover there body.
j22776 j22776 31-35, M 4 Answers Dec 1, 2012 in Parenting & Family

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I have worn female one piece swimsuits for 50+ years. They are all I own for swimming or sun tanning! I prefer the skirted suits for just hanging out by the pool hi cut thigh suits for tanning and swimming! But always high necked suits! One piece swimsuits are figure friendly! Enjoy!!!!!

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You are not the only man who enjoys wearing one piece swimsuits. I love wearing them doing everything from exercising to just hanging out watching a movie. I would also like to know why women can wear one piece swimsuits but men can't.

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I love wearing swimsuits also. I think it's stupid that our society says men can only wear clingy scratchy shorts for swimming.

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