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trent74 trent74 41-45, M 4 Answers Jan 7, 2014 in Politics

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If you watch The AniMatrix, there is a story segment that heavily expands on the backstory hardly covered in the trilogy. Long story short, it explains that after becoming sentient the machines pretty much just wanted to be left the **** alone but were not permitted to do so by paranoid (and greedy... Turns out an industrial city of machines can create quite the successful economy) humans. After waging war, humanity in its infinite wisdom blocked out the SUN, thus killing all life on Earth in hopes of destroying the machines too... If anything allowing a species like the humans of the Matrix to continue to exist in a relatively nice, modern, virtual reality was an overly generous mercy on the part of the machines. People started the war, the machines ended it. Whose fault was that?

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Nope they just wanted a perfect world if I remember correctly...

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Exactly. Made my point flightlessnessless

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