Peoples association to the a.r.: Ben franklin Thomas jefferson General burgoyne Sons of liberty Battles: Bunker hill Places and their association to a.r.: Canada Boston New york I have a few ideas but i think their wrong. This is a 51 question packet, any answer you have would be a HUGE help. Please dont tell me do my homework, i am.
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The Battle of New Orleans

written by Jimmy Driftwood

sung by Johnny Horton

(c) 1991 Sony Music Entertainment Inc.

In 1814 we took a little trip

Along with Colonel Jackson down the mighty Mississip.

We took a little bacon an' we took a little beans

And we caught the bloody British at the town of New Orleans.


We fired our guns an' the British kept a'comin'.

There wasn't nigh as many as there was awhile ago.

We fired once more an' they begin to runnin'

Down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico.

We looked down the river an' we seed the British comin',

There must a'been a hundred of 'em beatin' on the drum.

They stepped so high an' they made their bugles ring,

We stood beside our cotton bales an'didn't say a thing.


Ole Hickory said we could take 'em by surprise,

If we didn't fire our muskets 'til we looked 'em in the eyes.

We held our fire 'til we seed their faces well,

Then we opened up our squirrel guns an' really gave 'em ...well!


Yeah, they ran through the briars an' they ran through the brambles

An' they ran through the bushes where the rabbits couldn't go.

They ran so fast that the hounds couldn't catch 'em

Down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico.

We fired our cannon 'til the barrel melted down,

So we grabbed an alligator an' we fought another round.

We filled his head with cannon balls an' powdered his behind,

An' when they touched the powder off, the 'gator lost his mind.

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Didn't we win Bunker Hill? And most of the other battles which were like "Oh noes red coats, run away, run away!" Until the French turned up and cut our supply lines. Just think without the French you'd all of been speaking English.

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