Yea they all have the talent of epic bitching. Then for half the day they talk about all the problems they have had, and tell one another how bad their lives our compared to others. For another half of the remaining 50% of the day, they spend it fighting even though all are glad to see each other but afraid to admit it right then.... But then when all is said and done at the end of the day, just before, during, and after dinner... Well somehow it always seems to come out all right. We freely admit that we can't live, sometimes breathe a moment of each day without thinking of the other. We are the type of family to have it out at breakfast, have it out in Wal-Mart and still beat the hell out of the tourists in a mad rush to get the leftover on sale items. Lol, all in all I love my family. MY FAMILY TRADITION: Resolving issues one fight and bear hug at a time.

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