I'm studying in the library, and there's this guy moving iron cupboards. It makes an unholy lot of sound, and I know the guy is just doing his job but that CLANG CLANG BLANCK CLANG when I'm trying to study is really getting on my nerves. I have anger management issue, I may burst out to this guy and yell at him. How to prevent this? Please solution quickly!
Quantumphysica Quantumphysica 18-21, F 8 Answers Dec 19, 2012 in Hobbies

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If the environment is the problem, and you can't change the environment, what do you do with the environment? Put distance between you and it obviously. There's a ton of ways to do that fortunately.


And this takes some serious gonads.

Go over, explain the problem and see what can be done. I'm sure many other people feel the same way as you. If he is a douche about it then you ended up validating your anger, win win in my opinion.

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It would be best to check the books you need out and find a quiter place to study in the meantime. Try Barns and Noble. They have comfy leather chairs and its fairly quiet....and coffee! or starbucks!

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think about a happy memory

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quick..stick your finger down your throat and cause a hurling vomit that HE will have to clean up!

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wear earbuds..

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