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Hi, I'm new but I realy have a serious question. In my school, we have eight girls who follow the one of those eight. They probably think they're so awesome because they ignore the other girls(7girls). I'm one of these ignored. I really get hurt because of them. 3of them really hate me and rest is so-so. I have to go back to school tommorow and I don't want to face them. How do I have a good time at school when they exist in my class. (No bad words in comments please!)
annelemon annelemon 13-15, F 2 Answers Aug 24, 2014 in Dating & Relationships

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It happens. Cliquiness is the way of things, particularly at your age. But you can get some humor out of it. Try watching "Heathers." It's worth a laugh if the laugh helps you to see those girls in a different, better light.

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The age old problem. This always hard to answer. Being a guy, I would say take the aggressive approach and humiliate the the lead chick somehow, but that may not work for you. Maybe you will get lucky and you have fallen off of their radar.

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