... not even pretending to be questions. Now they are calling themselves aghoribabajilove.
staleywise staleywise 56-60, F 1 Answer Dec 17, 2013 in Dating & Relationships

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They never answered my question about inter caste marriage. So I am going to block them.

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I've written to them directly too and they never answer. I flagged and reported them. It's futile because they just invent a new account, but I do it anyway. If enough of us do it they might get discouraged. All EP has to do is check their IP address and they could ban them in one go, but they don't.

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Just read around them and accept that there will always be people trying to profit of others. There can't be many who go for their "stuff" (wanted to use another word there but it would only come out as stars) so they might go away after zero return on their investment.

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