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FoundThenLostOnTheSameDay FoundThenLostOnTheSameDay 22-25 5 Answers Dec 25, 2012 in Health

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I wish I could have something to help me sleep, have tried the natural stuff without much luck. I have mentioned sleeping problems to my doctor and she sort of says everyone has that from time to time. I have stressful family situation that doesn't help at all.

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ask him/her for trazedone

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Antidepressants work for many people. Sometimes they don't work. Sometimes it takes time to find one that works. I'm on an antidepressant. It works for me, it makes me feel much less anxious, doesn't interfere with any of my pleasures, doesn't numb my mind up. I was in a stoned state for the first week I started taking them, but after that, all was fine. It's up to the patient and doctor to decide on a course of medication. Antidepressants cannot be condemned across the board; it's just a matter of finding the right fit for the patient.

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