I have panic attacks. I have SEVERE fear and EXTREMELY LOATHE leaving the apartment. My boyfriend goes to the store for us. I think I might have to leave the apartment today at some time for a couple hours. It's killing me. The anxiety. I can't sleep, my stomach hurts. I feel like such a freak. I just DO NOT want to leave and I wish everyone would leave me alone about it. I'm scared to death of leaving and I don't want to go to the doctor. Ughhh. *sigh* :( Anyone else have this problem?
sparrowsmisery sparrowsmisery 26-30, F 10 Answers Apr 7, 2010

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I would say you are showing signs of agoraphobia. You definitely need to see a psychiatrist to be evaluated and on the right medication. I have anxiety and panic disorder as long as I take my meds I get by on a daily basis

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I have anxiety, and I found that hypnotherapy works, I don't like the drugs.

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Drs don't know or believe, but all Anxiety related disorders are connected. They divide the the body up into different specialties (a different Dr for every part of your body) & Chronic Anxiety into symptoms. Phobia is Phobia & there is no real difference if you are afraid of crowds, heights, or spiders, you still have Phobia.

Chronic Anxiety is generalized, uneasy fear.

Phobia is when that fear focuses upon a particular thing or activity.

Panic attacks are merely constant, suppressed fear in crisis.

PTSD is when that fear focuses & obsesses on a terrible past event.

Obsessive/Compulsive is when the person uses ritual activity to manage their fear.

Alcoholics use alcohol to manage their uncomfortable constant Anxiety.

Sex addicts use sex " " " " " "

Workaholics, shopaholics, etc.

Chronic Insomnia is Anxiety which will not allow the mind to relax & rest.

Chronic low Self Esteem is Anxiety which destroys calm self confidence.

Bipolar is Anxiety mixed & alternating with depression.

Nervous habits are Anxiety displaying a physical outlet.

But the driving force underneath them all is the Chronic Anxiety.

There all connected, that's why you almost never see a person with just ONE Anxiety issue or behavior.

To fight Anxiety you have 6 choices:

1. Just live with it. (I couldn't.)

2. Psych meds. They do not cure, they manage & suppress symptoms, come with serious side effects (including suicide, Tardive dyskenesia, numbed emotions, terrible withdrawals, & more). If one particular med really did cure, they would take it off the market. They don't want cures, they want continuous customers. Cynical but true. Do you really think they want an inexpensive cure for Cancer either? You'll be a Psych patient for life. But some people find them helpful, especially in emergencies. But before starting down that road which may not offer an easy exit, do your homework & research well others' experience so that you can give INFORMED consent. (Google "Newsweek the depressing truth about antidepressants Begley"

3. Cognitive behavioral therapy. Helpful but you're still fighting the symptoms with willpower. Like driving with one foot on the brake.

4. Counseling. Very expensive.They get paid by the hour to listen to you whether you get better or not. How does that make you feel?

5. Breathing control, physical exercise, etc. Helpful, but still controlling symptoms.

6. Get to the Root Cause of the Chronic Anxiety. This can be low Thyroid or other Endocrine problems, or body toxicity like heavy metal problems.

The most common & undiagnosed cause of Chronic Anxiety is Pyroluria. A "medically unrecognized" (for busine$$ reasons) but very real condition.

Alternative Health recognizes Pyroluria but universally believes it to be genetic.

I am almost alone in believing it is a multi-resistant fungus infection because you can't reverse a genetic condition with diet. But

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Agrophobia is a condition that stems from post traumatic stress syndrome. What traumatic experience did you encounter to feel this way? Face your fear but you will need a counselor to do this, you are young don't hide any longer agrophobia can get worse.

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yes you also make excuses for not leaving to im guessing i cant help im sorry because im in the same spot

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I do. I have, out of the blue, become deadly afraid to be on the roads. So I do understand your fear and especially the fear you have they you might have lost your sanity. It is very difficult for people to understand or remotely grasp the utter terror you feel at just the thought of doing the one thing that you fear the most. Be it stepping out of your house, climbing in a car, etc. I, as I am sure you are, am sick and tired of people telling me to "Get over it" or "its all in your mind" Be it as it may, the fear you feel is real enough and you do get meds for it. Take it. Don't be ashamed. Your fear for you is real and needs to be stopped before it controls your whole life.

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Nope don't get panic attacks, but thought I'd suggest this: shut your eyes and take a very slow deep breath in. Then out. Repeat over and over, slower each time and focus all attention on making each breath slow and even and don't let your thoughts dwell on anything else. I find this helps me to relax and sleep.

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