I feel like a good movie. My definition of good is something that is a bit different, funny or odd. I'm not much for Hollywood films.
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city of God

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The term foreign depends of where you are.

I´d recommend :

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Historias Mínimas

Shall we dance ? ( The Japanese version, not the crappy remake)



La lengua de las mariposas

Secrets and Lies

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Yeah. I'm not usually into those types of films, but I thought Shall We Dance was good. The characters in the movie really made it enjoyable.

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That Best Erotic Marigold Hotel seems like an interesting title ;-)

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It is a great movie. I recommended it in one of my recent stories.
If you want independent films there is one I truly like. It´s title is Smoke Signals and here is one of its most moving scenes :

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I've seen Smoke Signals, great flick.

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The poem in that scene is absolutely beautiful.

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I'm with you, a big indie fan. It's not a foreign one, but I saw an animated film on netflix called metropia. I really liked it. Last weekend, I took my daughter to see the 2013 oscar nominees for short films. There were a couple foreign ones, if you can find that....there was one from Afghanastan, one from South Africa, and a French Canadian one. They were terrific.

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Metropia is definitely one great animated movie!

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The Killer - Hong Kong action movie directed by John Woo. Melodramatic but classic.

Run Lola Run - Franka Potente from The Bourne Supremacy saves her boyfriend.

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Few I liked:

- I saw the devil, a tale of two sisters, mother,

- El secreto de sus ojos, abre los ojos, el hijo de la novia, tesis, el laberinto de fauno.

- Valerie and her week of wonders

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lol. I know ... but then again the kind of silly or dark comedy is not always welcomed.. and yeah I said FEW.. !!

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I like dark movies. Watched the preview for I Saw the Devil earlier. Looks pretty cool.

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Anything by Mike Leigh.

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I ´ve just recommended Secrets and Lies. I love many of his films.

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They're all worth of the few directors around who does social realism without making it look contrived. ( Did you know his actors work largely without a script ? )

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You know, I've never heard of this director, but this banter between you two is making him seem quite interesting.

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Yes, he ´s a very gifted director. There is a line from Career Girls that always makes me smile : " On a clear day you can see the class struggle from here"

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lol !

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I think his movies are wonderful.
Very well acted, and very realistic.
Not the sugar coated Hollywood stuff.

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I think he won at Cannes again this year and set some new kinda record for awards. ( I'm a little sketchy about it but I'm sure I'm right. )

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Well deserved :)

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Dream Home

I Saw The Devil




Red Cliff (international version)

No Mercy

Shinobi: Heart Under Bade


A Tale of Two Sisters


Repo! The Genetic Opera

La Cara Oculta


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I just watched a preview for I saw the Devil and Ink....they look like pretty cool movies.

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They were great :D

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