i have bad self harm scars, the type were they've already healed but are puffed out, and i need to get rid of them but i don't know how, i don't want my mom to see them, and i want to get rid of my past..
levinel levinel 13-15, T 4 Answers May 24, 2013 in Self Harm

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get some vitamin e capsules pierce them and squeeze out the oil onto the scar, massage in. The scar must be healed. x

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If you have dark scars, natural remedies such as lemon juice, or tomato peel may work.... Or you may have to do an orange peel. You may want to look for products with salicylic in it, though make sure you get proper directions for use. What helped my marks lighten is isotrex and now I'm using dermafix products. It depends what scaring you have... So do some research on what may work best.

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Bio oil really does work but it is expensive.

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