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The first 2 days the kitten used the litter box every time, and now all of A sudden kitten decides to only pee in the litter box and poop on the floor and my bed.
1woody 1woody 36-40, M 7 Answers Apr 27, 2012

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When you bring them home, have the litter box set up already. Simply put them in the litter box, and they will scratch a little, then get out. From that point onward, they are trained...

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Spread some kitty litter in a shallow container. I use a plastic tote lid. They are hard wired to bury their crap so set them in the litter and and they will figure it out

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WEll this only works for new kittens....<br />keep them in a small room for four days with everything needed for it (toys,ect)sit there for four days till it is uset to you. when it is going to the litter box(if it's a kitten it will know easilly what it's for)you will go out of the room for a few mins then come back.(for the cat's privacy :P)

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