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Why don't you just go out together and spend time talking and laughing... go out to dinner.. go to a nice hotel and spend the night... go take a long walk and just hold hands....

watch a movie together and snuggle up close....

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You sound like you've got a checklist-- MFM, done that... Wanna do it again No, once is all we're allowed...

How about with a different extra man?

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Don't know, but Im kinda envious... Maybe try a new third party? BSDM? Video/ live Internet shows? :) Whatever you pick let us know how it works out... With details!

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I would strongly suggest trying Tantra. i.e. "The Art of Tantra" lovemaking techniques. It will take you to a whole new world of greater sexual satisfaction. Some refer to Tantra as "Cosmic sex" and Tantra - when done right, (without the religious mumbo of "chakras" and yoga) can usually does produce multiple ******* for the woman and often times also for the man. Yup, guys can also have multple climaxes - although they're "dry" or "non-ejaculatory" climaxes.

There are books and DVDs out there on tantra you can check out - Make sure you get one that deals with "Tantra's "Total-Body Massage" - which is critically important in setting up the human body for multiple *******.

Try it - you'll like it.

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fff. he can work the video.

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My husband and I don't do the 3-sum thing but we are always bringing new fantasies into our sex life. I love my sex swing! we also love role play and bdsm

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