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Stay away from processed sugars and deep fat fried foods and exercise daily for at least 30 minutes. (No need to over do it, light exercise will do). Watch you portions, eat a healthy breakfast and very light dinners before 6:30 pm.

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thanks you

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Walk to school. Walk 5 miles every evening.

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"But you can't keep it off. Just eat less and exercise more." - Crush Bandicoot.

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No junk, i.e MSG, HFCS, no white rice, white sugar, white bread, processed frozen meals. Small meals through the day to start the metabolism and exercise. Also water.

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avoid junk food, sugary food, and fried food (within reason).

get regular exercise.

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you answered your own question....

healthy diet

(healthy portions, healthy foods)

and exercise

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Exercise both your mind and body.

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There are some good ideas here, but I would also suggest getting a workout partner to walk with in the evenings like a best friend, a brother/sister or mother.

And if anyone in your family needs to lose weight, try to lose it together and try to encourage each other. It is easier to do with a partner than do everything by yourself. Good luck !

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All those are good what people are saying.

And Water that is all. It helps to. MY friend does that and health eating .

And no sugar and pop and then drink water. She has lost a lot of weight.

And I am doing it to . and still little of sugar. But not like I use to .

But i drink water to . And it is working.

Good luck

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