I believe it merely creates a life-long fear of alcohol and doesn't begin to tackle the root causes of alcohol addiction / dependence
tarquino tarquino 41-45, M 7 Answers Sep 18, 2009

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Totally positive. AA helped me quit drinking 7 years ago and I am forever grateful to them.

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I don't know.. it works for some people.. but it seems really depressing to me..

think of it this way..

IT'S JUST LIKE EP.. JUST LIKE HERE.. EXCEPT FOR ALCOHOLICS.. the religious.. I HEARD about it.. but I have never actually heard it being talked about before.. who knows.. maybe things have changed..

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I never have had to go to it or known someone that had, however my opinion is the 12 step program with the goal of finding god is religious indoctrination. The part where you go apologize to everyone makes everyone feel uncomfortable...well I mean from observing tv!

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AA has its roots in the Buchmanite-Oxford Group religion, and Bill Wilson was a womanizing piece of **** scam artist who only cared about appearances and cheated on his wife Lois constantly. Like any successful cult leader, he lived off of the profits for the rest of his life.

Go to, for one man's thorough analysis of how AA is a cult that has a 95% failure rate. It will blow your freakin mind.

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