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I'm not Scandinavian but Swedish guys are hot :-)

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Me!! Im from Denmark. I like our human mentality, and the right to almost speak our minds, without all the judgement.

People also say the women are beautiful here ;)

I hate the cold, and that we are so materialistic. And I also think we could be a lot nicer against refugees. We are close minded at that point.

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I am scandinavian.

I love Scandinavia because of our modern morals and opinions, our relativly socialdemocratic societies, our beautiful winters, our beautiful people and our open minds.

I hate Scandinavia because of the *******, cold, dark months. Sure, winter is beautiful, for about 3 weeks. The sun goes down in Scandinavia around 3 p.m and doesn't rise until 9 a.m next morning.

I also hate Scandinavia because we drink so incredibly much that sexual related crimes are the highest in Europe over here.

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I am not Scandinavian but you have to love Scandinavian metal music.

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agreed, especially the swedish! :) This is kinda awkward to say, but I'm norwegian and everyone is talking about the norwegian metal bands, and I have never heard of them lol, guess they are just famous outside Norway, weird stuff

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