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I chopped off my breast-length hair to right above my shoulders due to my undercut growing out awkwardly. So, I would definitely love to grow back my hippie hair. But, I can't afford fancy little treatments and whatnot. And I'd love to try something that won't make my hair feel hard as a rock. Anything that wouldn't damage my hair or damage my pockets?
alyssagrizzly alyssagrizzly 18-21 4 Answers May 9, 2012

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Massage your hair daily (as silly as that sounds, it works)

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Your hair and nails are fed on your DO take agreat multi-vitamin everyday and eat healthy and yes even a good old scalp massage every day works wonders...blood flow pumping to your scalp helps.....and when you get a trim...really express to the stylist that you are growing out your hair and do not want a trim you just want the tips "Tipped" just the split ends tipped off. They will get the point and this will help to keep your hair healthy and looking good in the mean time. I would get it tipped maybe every 8 wks or so. A protein treatment, or a moisture pack or even an old fashion mayonaise treatment every now and then is good to keeping it look nice. But remember these things arent what makes your hair grow...its the healthy blood and scalp massages that will grow it!... I hoped I have helped you. I have been a hairstylist for 25 years and I do know that this is all true as I have read every technical / scientific book out there about hair. Good Luck and Be nice to your Hair!

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