I consider myself spiritual. I am learning to meditate. I like youtube for finding meditative music, visuals, and guided meditation. But I have a very hard time clearing my mind out when I want to relax. I am intellectual and seem to always have that voice chattering away about something of interest in the back of my mind...even when I just want to relax or enjoy something that needs my quiet and attention...Any suggestions, studies, spiritual awakening, personal experiences, websites, or ideas??
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Find something strenuous to do, like exercise (getting laid isn't strenuous enough)-- something strenuous you enjoy though or it'll be impossible to do it when your mind prefers to run. Let your physical activity match your mind's activity. When your mind is running, sometimes trying to shut it off by getting quiet and meditative is like trying to warm cold hands under hot water: may work eventually, but it's not the best idea. Look at it this way: if your mind is 'running' and you want to slow it down, then 'run with it' for a while. You don't toss an egg up and catch it without dropping your hand to slow it as you catch it. If your mind is running and you try to slow it down with meditation and Enya, that can be going the long way. It's actually better to meet your mind where it is but with your body instead. That way, your body and mind will be 'in unity' as your body will 'catch up' with your mind; then from their equal excitement, both your mind and body can 'come down' together. Try it sometime. It's a pretty 'transcendental concept' :)

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make your favorite sandwich, get your favorite beverage, take a walk in the woods, sit down by your favorite place to be, eat your lunch, and enjoy all the things around you without question. just let yourself feel everything around you, see everything, and listen to what nature tells you with no questions, just experience.

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It seems that there are billions of ways

for billions of human beings.

Our concept about mind, purity, quietness,

clearness, contentment... varies immensely.

I think that meditation is best, but it is hard

to define meditation and how to practice it.

When an individual discovers some elementary wonders

on his secular or religious journey, he may try to teach

other people for money. But, other individuals

may continue their eternal journey silently on

the Straight Path of God.

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It takes time. It's not as easy as one would think.

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transcendental meditation without all the cultish aspects of taking a traditional class.

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I have a lot of different things I do to clear my mind; it can be going out fishing, paddling my kayak, going for a run with my dog or yoga.

When I am trying to meditate I just try relaxing my body starting at my feet and going up my body and focusing on my breathing.

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I wish I have a switch for that. We can never shut off our thought, just like that. Even in sleep, they became our dream. Just think of the think that calm you the most.

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sleep for a while

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