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docbar docbar 41-45, M 2 Answers Jan 17, 2011

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hypnosis....but(t) in the meantime -- patience, patience, patience. Give her oral on her booty and ***** and, when focusing on (and in) her *****, use a finger (lubricated) to massage her anus, then to enter it. Slowly. No rush necessary. The journey is enjoyable, so don't focus on the destination. Work up to two fingers. Be slow, and sexy. After she's comfortable with two fingers, she's likely relaxed enough to take your **** in her anus. You will have to be quite erect, and well-lubricated. Lube her booty-hole, not just your tip and your shaft. As you make your way in, you should pause as often as she likes or needs. When you are pausing, she is stretching and loosening. Take your time, enjoy the journey. When you push in make it just a bit. Then pause so she may relax and accommodate. When you are pushing, she should resist. Then, when she relaxes, you ease in a bit more. Then pause, she stretches, etc. Over and over. No in-and-out, if at all, until she is fully relaxed for the full length of you.

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I feel her.. when you get the answer let me know.. man thats some sore **** right there..

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