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Every time I load a story and hit 'post' I get a blank white screen. If I hit refresh, and choose 'resubmit' instead of cancel, I get a blank white screen. If I hit the back button to return to my story and hit 'post' again, there's the blank white screen. Anyone else having this problem? Anyone know the solution? Help!
Indie42 Indie42 46-50, F 3 Answers Jun 25, 2012

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No---but the past two days several times I've tried to reply to a received gesture with a return gesture, only to hit send and then be told the account no longer exists. But it does exist and after an extra try or two the gesture will eventually go through.

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The very same thing happened to me....there's a new fangled EP ' improvement' that we are going to have to learn....I haven't yet, hence, no new stories.

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