I'm planning on getting a job there because I can't unload trucks or do stock work like I used to do when I was younger . I like to read and I figure it will be a nice quiet place to work.
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Good points,its the library super calm atmosphere bad points your always going to be doing something organzing books etc I wouldnt mind working there I would like that:)

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Libraries are like any other work place with the exception that people think it's sacred ground. I did too until I was bullied in a public library for ten years. It was hell. On the other hand I worked in my school library when I was young and also volunteered at a library and those experiences were good. I do not have the same feeling about libraries now that I did in the past, because I too, thought they were sacred ground.

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My first full time job out of college was as a Librarian. Nowadays, it requires a Master's Degree. I liked it because I like to organize and categorize things.

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I worked in the high school library thruout high school and Loved it . During my second year; I became student manager of the library and practically ran it as I could order books , throw other kids out for misbehaving, etc ....

It is usually a nice , quiet, and relaxing place to work ... However; don't plan on reading on the job except for breaks and lunch as you are there to Work and there is always plenty to do in a library ...

I'd practice my dewy decimal system before starting work ; it will be a big help to you if you know it ..

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Not really answering your question but............

Libraries here in the Uk are rapidly closing down through lack of use, mainly as they are council owned and a drain on resources. I appreciate not everyone has the internet and some people would rather physically read an actual book. But the factual side of libraries has been made redundant as everything you need to know is on the Internet, which has made a massive dent in these places. From my own point of view, with my laptop sat here, it's got everything I need that a library can't give me, so I don't need a library anymore and that's how it is for a lot of people these days unfortunately.

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you learn to spell its and it's properly

good points: You read

Bad points: You read

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