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It's cram time for most college students, and with that being said, I've had to rely on caffeine to keep me awake/motivated, except for now I find that caffeine leaves me feeling ill. I get nausea after an hour or so of consuming a caffeinated beverage. Anyone else have this problem? -.-'
daaytripper daaytripper 18-21, F 7 Answers Nov 22, 2012 in Community

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I get this problem whenever I drink something hot. I've been in cram time for the past few days and have had a lot of energy drinks and power bars. None really work. I ended up having to do a paper a few hours before it was due. I recommend not doing work in your room or dorm and trying to work in the library or some place that you're not completely comfortable in. I've also picked up on chewing mint gum and drinking tons of cold water to keep you awake.

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i just drank some yesterday and my tongue feels weird

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coffee makes me manic which drives everyone around me insane

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