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James & I were returning home from a wonderful lunch at IHOP with Rebeca as a treat since she had to work both Christmas Eve & the day after. Snow started falling adding beauty to the scenery. She returned to work as we headed home taking a unfamiliar scenic route guided by the gps along a canal. The weather started mixing it up, sleet, rain back to snow, barely a breeze. Then it began to hail, no worries as we were in a Jeep Grand Cherokee w/4wheel drive set up for the winter. Besides I had trained others & had much experience driving in much worst conditions, or so I thought! I began explaining what to expect, how to handle the road conditions & explain why I slowed down even more, under 25, since it began to hail. 30 seconds later we loss traction, I turned into the direction desired, removed presser from the accelerator, said remain calm it will workout. It did not! We never regained traction hit 3 trees & ended up w/the front end 18" from the freezing water. Thank God for trees!
KinkyJerseyCpl KinkyJerseyCpl 46-50 2 Answers Dec 27, 2012 in Family Struggles

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It's 85 degrees here....I moved away from the snow and ice for more than one reason

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That's a great example of why winter is a bad time to drive on roads you don't know well. Good thing you ended up hitting a tree.

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